You will need to provide the ID of the animal you're submitting an application for. For more information about how to find the animal ID, check out this article.

An 8-digit number listed at the top of each animal's profile on our website

All Atlanta Humane Society adopters must be 18+.

Please enter only numbers, without any symbols. For example: 5551234567

If unchecked your phone number will be used for your pet's microchip in the event they are ever lost.

If your pet is ever lost, this will be the alternative contact phone number for their microchip.

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Please provide your availability for a meet and greet. You may also feel free to use this space for any additional information about yourself, your pets, your family, or your level of experience you'd like to share with our Adoptions team.

Our Adoptions team primarily communicates notifications/status updates via email. However, we do our best to accommodate your preferred contact method for scheduling in-person appointments when possible.

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